View from the Build — How we built a cohort of tech recruiters: managing emotions

Amanda Daering
1 min readApr 29, 2022

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4. OMG, they’ll be here soon.

As I write this (Feb 2022), tech stocks are just beginning a long road of corrections. Crypto is falling, falling, falling. The Fed is about to announce their interest rate plans.

I tend to try to focus on what I can control but it’s hard to not feel the edges in this moment.

My gut still says do this. Part of that is instinct. A lot of what reassures me is that the gap between tech jobs and skilled tech labor is still enormous. We remove a lot of time/effort/ cost from startups looking to move quickly and funding has been strong. Even with restriction, there’s a place for us and we’ve gotten to where we are on very minimal business development efforts.

I’m also feeling incredible pressure to have every detail of onboarding and training ironed out. I think this is about my feelings and an attempt at control more than a real necessity.

How I’m feeling at this step: A real battle between logic, emotion & excitement

The next step: they start!



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